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The Awards of Sicilia Queer filmfest 2012

The Awards of the International shortfilm competition QUEERSHORT 2012

bici SQFFThe INTERNATIONAL JURY of the second edition of "Sicilia Queer filmfest",
composed by Matteo B. Bianchi (novelist and screenwriter, Italy), Emma Dante (playwright and director for theatre and film, Italy), Vincent Dieutre (film director, France), Fabio Grassadonia (film director and screenwriter, Italy) and Mark Pariselli (film director, Canada),
having watched the 15 films of QUEER SHORT, the International Shortfilm competition, including the following titles:
TOUGH GIRLS DON'T DREAM, by Zsofia Zsemberi, Hungay 2011; LAST KISS, by Charles Lum, USA 2012; CUPCAKE: A ZOMBIE LESBIAN MUSICAL, by Rebecca Thomson, Australia 2010; HOUSE FOR SALE, by Eisha Marjara, Canada 2012; LUNCH TIME, by Keo Wolford, USA 2010; ALWAYS AGAIN, by Ester Campreciós, UK 2011; THE CONFESSION OF FATHER JOHN THOMAS, by Elka Kerkhofs, Australia 2011; MS. THING, by Karen X. Tulchinsky, Canada 2010; 52, by Josh Levy, Canada 2010; UTOPIES, by Manfred Rott, France 2010; WHAT'S YOUR NAME?, by Maria Audjushko, Estonia 2011; DOWN HERE, by Diogo Costa Amarante, Portugal 2011; POLAROID GIRL, by April Maxey, USA 2012; STEAM IS STEAM, by Etienne Desrosiers, Canada 2011;  has decerned the following awards: 
BEST SHORT FILM: "UTOPIES" by Manfred Rott (France)
suspending the viewer - through poetic and experimental language - between the present reality and the desire for a future carrying only evanescent traces of utopias already consumed. (WATCH HERE MANFRED ROTT'S GREETINGS TO THE FESTIVAL)

for staging in a simple and courageous way the encounter between a boy and a man, who in mutual understanding and acceptance find a shelter against the obtuseness of the world around them. (WATCH HERE KEO WOLFORD'S GREETINGS TO THE FESTIVAL) 

for the speed and originality thanks to which a kiss is both a gesture of protest and a declaration of eternal love. (WATCH HERE CHARLES LUM'S GREETINGS TO THE FESTIVAL)
The independent Jury of the "100 Autori" association, composed by the Italian film directors Chiara Agnello, Anne Riitta Ciccone and Marco Simon Puccionihas decerned the following awards:
100Autori Award for Best Screenplay: "POLAROID GIRL" by April Maxey (USA)
for the geometry of its narration which represents in a gentle, symmetrical and precise way, the natural evolution of a love story born from a casual and lucky encounter. For the neat dialogues and the fluency of acting which derives from them. For the parallel track where two elements – sexual and working life – entwine in the end, thus showing that in order to realize your potential, you need the support and the approval of those who love you for who you are. For the naturalness in development of this simple and NORMAL love story.
SPECIAL JURY AWARD to a short film out of competition: "DILDOTETTONICA PER PRINCIPIANTI" by Slavina (Italy)

frank, biting, direct, ironic – in a word, queer. Perhaps the queerest short of all, competition included. The narration is conveyed through the sincere description of a woman who does not want to narrow down her life and sexuality – which she keeps on discovering and stimulating every day, thanks to the emancipation from a mandatory definition of oneself, one’s desires and one’s human evolution. What is free and liberating, is the idea of a sexuality which finally reveals itself as a Non-definition of a restricted sphere of activity and becomes an open nation, without borders or customs. (WATCH HERE SLAVINA'S GREETINGS TO THE FESTIVAL)

The independent Jury of the "COORDINAMENTO PALERMO PRIDE" has decerned the following awards:
Palermo Pride Coordination Award: "DOWN HERE" by Diogo Costa Amarante (Portugal)
because it can remind us of the tragedy of the suicides of homosexual adolescents not with the tools of despair, but through a message of disruptive hope and courage. (WATCH HERE DIOGO COSTA AMARANTE'S GREETINGS TO THE FESTIVAL)

Special mention: "CUPCAKE: A ZOMBIE LESBIAN MUSICAL" by Rebecca Thomson (Australia)
overwhelming, irriverent, ironic (and self-ironic) "manifesto" of the Lesbian Pride.
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