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National Gay Pride in Palermo for 2013

logo PRIDE2012 magentaThe 3rd edition of the “Palermo Pride” will take place this year on the 23rd of June, with the usual parade closing an intense week of activities starting from the 16th of June.

Still the most exciting news is that in the latest days the candidacy presented by Committee Palermo Pride has been accepted for hosting the National Gay Pride in Palermo for the 2013. The “Sicilia Queer filmfest” being always close to the Pride and member of the net promoting it, wishes to congratulate Arcigay, Articolo Tre and all those which effectively contributed to make this old dream and rightful aspiration real.

Here you can read the official statement released by the Committee Palermo Pride.

The national Arcigay council, ended on the 25th March in Bologna, has made official the candidacy of Palermo for the national Pride 2013. The councillors approved unanimously the candidacy proposed by Committee Palermo Pride, and so the Sicilian city has become the official candidate by Arcigay. The candidacy will be then submitted to the national GLBT council.

The council has approved the following document: “The National Arcigay Council, in the view of the candidacy to organize the National Pride 2013 and the good case adducted by the Committee Palermo Pride, entirely supports the proposal and charges the association of sustaining the Pride 2013 by every possible means for obtaining the best results, if Palermo would be appointed as the official venue of the parade.”

The candidacy is the fruit of a 3-year long work by Arcigay, Articolo Tre, Famiglie Arcobaleno, Stop Omofobia movement, the Committee Palermo Pride and of all volunteers working on the previous pride animating the political scene of the city and of the GLBT community. Palermo is the city where the first Arcigay association of Italy was born; prior to the birth of the Arcigay.

Palermo had a central role in the initiative and the elaboration of the FUORI; Sicily is a region which, thanks to the extraordinary work made in Catania, has a long history of participated and politically relevant prides…nevertheless, the first Pride GLBT in Palermo took place only in 2010. Since the birth of the Committee Stop Omofobia (composed by over 50 associations, syndicates, community centres, parties and youth movements), many things have changed in the last two years: the GLBT incessantly works in a cohesive and collaborative spirit; the Prides of 2010 and 2011 have been strongly attended (over 200 thousands people last year, more than the first year and thus not taken from the novelty of the happening); the so-called “towards the Pride route” foresees dozens of events organized by associations in preparation of the Pride parade; our Movement has accrued a recognized and reliable capacity of relation, as well as social and political interlocution, with the Institutions, the world of Culture and Arts, with the whole social fabric and the citizenship.

If Palermo, as we wished, will actually become the host of the National Pride 2013, it will be an historical event.

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